Buildings and Facilities:

Buildings are an ongoing expense. Actions can be taken to reduce these expenses by finding all the inefficiencies and correcting them. Many older buildings have a lot of energy wasting designs, processes, layouts, HVAC, leaking windows and doors, lighting and much more. Making corrections to these areas not only reduces expenses but makes your business more sustainable.

Factoring in the aesthetics and adding natural light, greenery and finding other ways to make your employees more comfortable will improve morale and productivity.

LEED Certification Levels

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) developed a benchmarking system known as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). A building can be LEED certified based on points awarded for environmental attributes that covers siting, water efficiency, energy use, materials, indoor environmental quality, and eco-innovation in the design process.


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To maximize energy savings find all the leaks in your windows, doors, ceilings, walls in the form of heating and cooling. Seal the leaks and install high-performing windows and insulation.


Upgrade old lighting fixtures with the latest energy efficient lighting solutions and add controls that auto-activate lights in rooms in use and that turn off when not.


HVAC systems account for a large share of your energy bills. Make sure the HVAC units are sized appropriately and upgrade where necessary to the latest efficiently running models. Seek ways to capture heat and cooling from within your processes to offset the demand on the HVAC system.


Reduce asphalt where you can and add native plants and greenery to your landscaping. If watering is required use a smart irrigation system and graywater and rainwater recovery systems for it. Add a green roof to enhance cooling.


Deploy the latest software monitoring control system for all elements of your facility. These will optimize energy usage and help maximize space utilization