Employees, Families, Communities

One of the most important elements of sustainability is to take care of your people at many levels. The cost of replacing employees is far greater than retaining them by training them properly, providing them with security and making business decisions that demonstrate longevity. Sustainable companies are on top of social issues such as worker wages and benefits, workplace diversity, poverty and community development, labor rights, child labor, and human rights not only in their organization but throughout their supply chain.


Involve your employees across all levels of the organization in your sustainability strategy development and deployment. Create communication avenues that reveal action on a regular basis. Consistently seek input and feedback from your people. Reward them and link compensation for finding cost savings and generating new and innovative sustainability ideas.


Determine the areas of strength for each employee then pour into them with training to develop those strengths. Create apprenticeship programs assigning new employees to an experienced mentor. Show clear career path options and opportunities.


Employer's Human Resource Departments closely monitor and adhere to the latest laws and regulations around labor, employees' safety, compensation, workers-comp, disability, unemployment, health care, insurance, taxes, unions, holidays, vacations, sickness, maternity and paternity leave, etc.


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What can your firm do to help the local community in which your facilities reside? What funds can be provided to help with social and environmental issues in your region? Are there volunteering opportunities for your employees? How can you engage your employees' families?