Water is fast becoming a significant cost adder to manufacturers. Depending on current availability in the county or state in which you operate, these resources will become more scarce as populations increase and as more companies consume water in their operations. Not planning for your use and consumption of water is going to be costly.

Companies are now looking to determine their overall "water footrpint" to see where water is consumed and used throughout their company. This includes determining how much water does both your business and its products use and how much does your business and products pollute water bodies directly or indirectly.

Clean Water Act

The EPA established the Federal Water Pollution Control Act in 1948 then significantly overhauled it in 1972 when it become commonly known as the "Clean Water Act". This made it unlawful to discharge any pollutant from a point source into navigable waters, unless a (NPDES) permit was obtained. To help companies meet these regulatory requirements it provides a compliance assistance program. EPA Clean Water Act


We will help you identify and measure where all of your water is used. This will include any appliances, cooling/heating systems, cafeterias, sanitation, landscaping, manufacturing and manufacturing processes, etc. We will also identify areas of pollutants and compliance concerns.


The Carbon Disclosure Project created a Water Disclosure Program and created a questionaire for companies to use in order for them to capture and report their respective water footprint. CDP Water Questionaire


To establish your complete water footprint you need to know the indirect uses of water. How much water do your suppliers consume or pollute? What are the water impacts created by the farmers who grow the crops that are inputs to your business? How much water is used to make packaging and how much water went into growing trees for your lumber or paper? What about the water used in the mining of the metal you use to make your products?


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Where can you capture rainwater for processing? Can you reclaim and reuse grey water in your processing? Can you install low flow toilets and automated sinks throughout your facilities? Are there ways to share water with nearby businesses? These are some of the initiatives that we will help you explore.